Why Choose the New CMH?

New CMH Campus Map

For more than 100 years Community Memorial Health System has been taking care of this community. Now, a new Community Memorial Hospital stands ready to continue this mission.

Built to house the latest in technology and modern touches, the new hospital features all private rooms and enhanced critical care capabilities. Most importantly, the same caring faces and physicians you know and trust stand ready to meet all of your healthcare needs.

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Why did we build a new hospital?

To meet new seismic requirements
To replace an aging structure
To attract the next generation of physician

Introducing a New Community Memorial Hospital

As the leading birth center, we’ve devoted an entire floor to the health of moms, babies and children.

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Advanced imaging capabilities support the best diagnostic outcomes for our patients.

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250 all-private patient rooms for enhanced comfort and privacy.

The Human Element

Thirty-seven treatment rooms in the Emergency Department minimize wait times and enhance privacy.

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More than 500 pieces of original, local artwork decorate the walls of patient rooms, hallways, waiting areas and other spaces throughout the hospital.

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The Future is Here — Welcome to Our New CMH