Ocean Tower

Ocean Tower

Dramatically Enhanced Healthcare Services

The Ocean Tower of Community Memorial Hospital is a six-story facility located on land adjacent to the Mountain Tower. The new Ocean Tower is a necessary addition to CMH, not only to replace the aging structure, but also to meet new seismic mandates, and to attract the next generation of physicians.

  • A six-story 355,000 square foot state-of-the-art center dedicated to healing and comfort
  • Private rooms for all patients, accommodations for families, and healing outdoor gardens
  • An Emergency Department with significantly increased capacity
  • Ten new surgical suites featuring leading-edge medical technology, advanced diagnostic and imaging capacities, and integrated IT systems
  • Expanded critical care capabilities with increased heart catheterization labs and ICU beds
  • A dedicated maternal child health floor with a larger Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and an eight-bed pediatric wing

Private Healing Rooms

  • All private patient rooms
  • Designed to provide high degree of comfort
  • Large enough to accommodate overnight family member stays

Emergency Department

  • Expanded from 17 curtained bays to 37 private rooms
  • Large, fully equipped specialty and trauma rooms
  • Devoted imaging rooms
  • Enhanced layout for quick and efficient patient transfer

Critical Care

  • Expanded and enhanced Cardiac Care and Intensive Care Units
  • Expanded from 3 to 5 heart catheterization labs
  • State-of-the-art technology provides continuous flow of patients’ data

Maternal Child Health

  • Entire floor devoted to moms, babies and children
  • Eight-bed Pediatric Unit
  • Labor and Delivery
  • C-section rooms
  • Expanded Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 23 beds
  • Nursery

Surgical Suites

  • Expanded from seven operating rooms to 10
  • Integrated information technology covers all aspects of patient care
  • Ceiling-mounted equipment provides more space for surgical team and future equipment and technology