Our New CMH Sneak Peek – Ocean Tower Isolation Rooms

Our new Community Memorial Hospital Ocean Tower is equipped with a number of features that enhance patient privacy and safety. Many of these features also provide benefits to our physicians and staff, allowing them to provide the best care possible to our community in a more effective and efficient manner.

Among these new features are 11 Isolation Rooms scattered throughout the patient care areas of our new hospital. Featuring private bathrooms and expansive views of Ventura, these rooms are designed for patients whose conditions require special precautions. Physicians, nurses, and staff members enter the isolation rooms through “anterooms” where personal protective equipment is applied and other protective measures can be taken as needed. From the “anteroom”, a second door leads to the patient room.

All of our Isolation Rooms are negative air pressure rooms. This means that none of the air from the patient isolation room mixes with the air in the “anterooms” or the air in the rest of the hospital. Special filters are used to clean all of the air from the isolation rooms as it’s processed out of the building.