Our New CMH Sneak Peek – Ocean Tower Imaging

When we built our new Community Memorial Hospital, we built it with the future in mind. Filled with some of the most advanced technology available at any community hospital anywhere, our new facility is equipped to serve our community for decades to come.

Some of the most impressive pieces of equipment are found in our new imaging wing, located on the first floor of the new Ocean Tower. This department features the latest in GE Healthcare imaging, interventional, and monitoring technology, including advanced X Ray, Ultrasound, CT, and MRI machines. Our new Emergency Department also includes state-of-the art imaging technology with dedicated X-Ray and CT rooms available for emergency imaging purposes. We look forward to formalizing our relationship with GE Healthcare as a West Coast Show Site when the new hospital opens this winter.

One of the ways we ensured the longevity of our new CMH was by intentionally reserving empty space in this area for the imaging solutions of the future. These spaces stand ready to house the next wave of radiology tech, and will help ensure that Community Memorial Hospital is always able to offer the best to our patients and our community.